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Welcome to Skyshard Heroes Wiki

The wiki for Synapse-games's Flash Based MMO - Skyshard Heroes that anyone can edit.

We currently have 8,400 edits to 242 articles and 610 images on this wiki.
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Skyshardheroeslogo.png Goodbye Skyshard Community July 22 , 2014
by Edge

As you may know Skyshard Heroes will shut down on 3rd Jan 2014 and with it this wiki.Thanks to everyone who helped me keep this wiki updated.
Update: Will keep this wiki open till i find another use for the server :)

Skystonenewspic.jpg Syfy Games! November 5, 2013
by Edge

Skyshard Heroes is available on Syfy games.Click here to play now.
This server shares the worldmap with armor games

Ywicht.png Ywicht is Unleashed! September 3, 2013
by Edge

Ywicht, the rat of Syrelia, has been unleashed! His arsenal of gadgets will bring pain to your enemies! This new Hero awaits your orders!
Ywicht uses an array of gadgets, poisons and weakens foes before he cuts them down in a hail of fire.
Ywicht is available in the store for 3000Honor.png or 95Skystone.png.
Other Changes :

Bloodbrothers.png New Raid: Blood Brothers! August 21, 2013
by Edge

Prepare your defenses! The brutal Blood Brothers are laying siege to Syrelians.
Fight the gruesome twosome by leveling your Raid Beacon to 4 and defeat them for all-new rewards
Other Changes :

  • Fixed the bug where shield orb effect persists even after destroying the building equipped with it.

Updateorbs.jpg Tower Orbs July 30,2013
by Edge

The new Tower Orbs have been released! Build them in the Forge and install them into your Towers to give them unique properties and boosts!
Click here for the list of orbs.

Castor.png Castor the Shifter June 28,2013
by Edge

Castor has been released! This new Hero gains Lycan over time and can shift into a brutal Wolfman!
Castor is available in the store for 3000Honor.png or 95Skystone.png.
Other Changes

  • Syrellia Tileset has been replaced with a new tileset.
  • Campaign text nolonger appears once the campaign has been completed.
  • Keris's Throwing Blades has been fixed.

Conquesticon.png Conquest Season 1 Ends! May 31,2013
by Edge

The first Season of new conquest draws to an end! Conquest cores have been distributed and can be used to build valuable items in the forge.
Congrats to BRUTAL(Kongregate), Azurians(Facebook) and Shattered(Armor Games) for earning the first place in Conquest Season 1.
Conquest Status

  • Kongregate : Ended on 24th May
    • First : BRUTAL (173,770)
    • Second : L Se7en (125,587)
    • Third : Agency (95,929)
  • Facebook : Ended on 24th May
    • First : Azurians (125,088)
    • Second : Nomads (117,188)
    • Third : Ascension (104,636)
  • Armor Games : Ended on 31st May
    • First : Shattered (133,365)
    • Second : Mercenaries (101,300)
    • Third : Noobs (72,911)

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